Strangers & Sinners
Part Seven
by sarAdora

December 16
Verona Residence

Nick stood with his back to the hot spray, water cascading down his flesh. There's nothing quite as good as a hot shower after sex. Well... almost nothing. The water, and this beautiful woman in my arms are a nice combination.  He focused on her face, waiting for her eyes to open, wondering again about his deep attraction to her. Their bodies were touching as they had been since they'd fallen asleep the night before. He had his arms around her then; they were still around her now.

Rejuvenated by the warm water, Sophie lifted her head. "Do I know you?" she teased softly, offering her morning smile. It was sweet and fresh and full of promise.

His lips curved up. "No, you don't." He stroked her back, his hands slipping down to cup her ass. "What are you doing in my arms and in my shower?" His tone was teasing, but the question triggered his ever-present, always vocal conscience.

What the hell *is* she doing in your shower, Nick?

Not now!

"I don't know. What am I doing here, Sergei?"

"What do you think, Tiger?" He breathed in her ear, turning her to face the spray. He put an arm around her, cupping her breast, teasing it with his palm and then, his fingers. He couldn't seem to get enough of her. He had an urgent need to touch her body, to memorize the feel of her silky skin, a memory that might have to last forever. And for some reason he couldn't begin to explain, he desperately wanted to pleasure her.

With his other hand, he reached between her thighs and gently stroked her... and stroked her... and stroked her. The sound of her soft moans, coupled with the muted sounds of the running water, was very satisfying to his ears. Her back was to his chest and he pulled her head onto his shoulder, kissing her throat. Slowly, he turned her once again and gently, lowered her to the shower floor. Kneeling between her thighs with his back to the spray, he brought her legs to his shoulders.

"Sergei..." she whimpered, sitting up and reaching for him.

"Later, Kitten." He kissed her eager mouth and nuzzled her throat, gently pushing her back to the floor. The water cascaded over his hips, but the intensity of the spray was centered between his upper thighs. It beat down on his balls, arousing him further.

"Sergei..." she whispered huskily.

"Later, Kitten."

"Why later?"

"Later," he murmured. Not giving her a chance to protest further, he lifted her hips and buried his face between her folds.

He teased her relentlessly. His lips rubbed and sucked at her flesh from the mouth of her sex to her engorged clit. Using the flat of his tongue, he licked her - slowly. When she arched her back signaling her impending orgasm, he paused, waiting until she was calm. Then his tongue and lips began anew - darting in and out of her, circling her flesh, teasing and taunting. Her sensitivity was high. Her body was still on fire - the heat even more intense, never having sufficiently cooled from their previous lovemaking. Even under the shower spray, he could smell her arousal. It was an aphrodisiac, luring him. God! She's sweet!  He wanted more of her and helped himself to all she had to offer.

Sophie was pure sensation - nothing else. His mouth was all that mattered, and all that mattered was what his mouth was doing. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew they couldn't keep this up. At some point, they had to stop and rest... and eat... and...

He held her while she peaked, gently stroking her belly, moving up to caress her breasts. He watched her arch her back, fist her hands and felt the shocks of an orgasm go through her. When her body relaxed, he leaned back against the tile wall, pulling her to his lap. His arms were wrapped around her, her face in his chest, his chin resting on the top of her head. His mouth was filled with the taste of her sweetness, and he was content. What is it about her that attracts you so much?

I don't know.

It isn't like you've had a big crush on her all your life, and are finally living your fantasies.

I know.

Keep this up and you'll wear her out,  his conscience smirked. You gonna' fuck her all day?


Why? Haven't you had enough sex to last a while?

He didn't know why. He only knew he didn't want to let her go, and he did want to have sex with her again. Today... this morning... soon.

Christ! You're like a teenager with raging hormones!

Yeah.  he grinned. I am.

He reached for the soap, and began to lather her body. When he reached her inner thighs, she put a hand on his.

"Sergei, please. Our bodies need to rest," she protested.

Nick chuckled. "Not for long, I hope."

"Is there no end to your libido... your stamina?" she asked. She sat straight up in his lap, and stuck her lower lip out. She looked like she was about to pout. "Are you ever going to let me rest? And I'm hungry!" she groaned, pushing her hands against his chest.

The sound of his laughter echoed against the shower walls. He thought she was delicious.

I thought you were going to intimidate her?  his inner voice goaded. The little tiger isn't showing any fear.

I don't want her to be afraid of me.

Yeah, but do you want her to make demands?

She's just hungry. Don't make a federal case out of it.

Christ! You'll be hen-pecked before the day is out,  it snorted in great disgust.

"Sergei, I need to eat something. And my body is going to turn into a giant prune! Please!"

"Bossy little kitten, aren't you?" He stood, bringing her up with him and reached for the faucet, turning the water off.

Still soapy, Sophie turned the water back on, rinsing thoroughly. When his hands moved toward her breasts again, she glared at him and growled low in her throat.

Nick didn't know if the sound she made was a warning or a threat, but she had definitely thrown down the gauntlet. For some reason, he was delighted beyond reason. The kitten has claws.  Laughing, he grabbed her, kissing her hard. "Kiss me," he demanded. When she didn't, he pulled her head back and sucked her throat none too gently, leaving a mark. "Kiss me," he ordered huskily, "or pay the consequences."

"And just what are the consequences?" she challenged.

He cupped her ass and squeezed it gently. "I'll warm your bottom," he threatened.

"I think you've done that sufficiently. My bottom... is plenty warm." She was furious with herself when she felt the color rise to her cheeks.

She blushes? A hooker blushes?

I don't think she's a hooker.

He gave her butt a firm swat and another squeeze and stepped out of the shower, away from temptation. He dried himself off and after wrapping a towel around his waist, waited for her to come out of the shower. When she did, he wrapped her in a bath towel and scooped her up into his arms.

"Sergei," she protested, "I can dry myself. I need to..."

"You need to be patient, Anastasia. I'm not through with you yet."

His tone of voice was soft but firm - one that brooked no argument. Those who knew him would have recognized it as a warning bell. AD Verona wanted her and he had little patience. He expected her compliance with his wishes.

Anna Sophia Bergdorf was used to having her own way. She had a great deal of patience, but it was wearing thin. When Sergei wouldn't let her finish her thought, she growled again. Those who knew her would have recognized the sound of her temper on the brink of explosion. At the moment, she needed space, and she fully expected his compliance with her wishes.

"Put me down! Now!" she ordered, pushing at his shoulders.

He just looked at her, clearly surprised she had protested again.

"Now, Sergei. Put me down, now!" she hissed, her hands curling into fists.

He wondered if she was going to punch him and hoped she would. He'd welcome a wrestling match with the little tiger.

"Now," she shouted and slammed a small fist into his gut. "Owwww! That hurt," she groaned and put her fist to her mouth to suck away the pain. It never occurred to her to be frightened that he would retaliate.

Shaking with laughter, he held her tightly to his chest and took her back to bed. Lying beside her with one arm behind her neck and the other draped across her torso, he kissed her wet shoulder and then her neck.

Giving in for the moment, she lay quietly beside him, still rubbing her fist and wondering why she let him have his way. It wasn't like her at all.

Could it be that nicely muscled chest you're attracted to? Her conscience was wide-awake and nagging.


Or the curly nest between his thighs where his erection is poised, just waiting to...?

Sophie groaned. Her thoughts didn't help. His hands were drying the rest of her body and his touch made the flesh between her inner thighs tingle. That familiar ache began once again. Good Lord! I *am* a slut! Papa would turn in his grave!

And let's not even discuss what your Mama would say.

No, let's not. Oh God! When did I develop this hungry need for sex?

When you met this gorgeous man? When he touched you?


Nick licked a spot on her damp body and then another, dropping light kisses wherever his mouth roamed over her. He licked a breast and kissed a nipple, making her shiver. He discovered an erogenous zone directly between her breasts and slowly licked it, teasing her into submission.

"Sergei, please..."

"Please what, Tiger?" He caught her gaze and held it for a moment. "What do you want, Kitten? Tell me."

She moaned softly, but stubbornly refused to tell him what she wanted.

He grinned and continued the assault on her senses. He wanted her to tell him to make love to her; he wanted her to beg. His tongue found her navel and inspected it thoroughly, tickling her, making her squirm. Parting her thighs, he kissed and licked the inside of both of them, making her arch her pelvis closer to his mouth. Slowly, he rubbed his lips up her soft folds, only a fraction of an inch from where she wanted him. He thoroughly enjoyed teasing her and the scent of her arousal stirred his libido again. She was sopping wet and it took all of his willpower not to suck her clit into his mouth and capture all of her sweetness.

She was still stubbornly silent, her moans the only sound she made. She was miffed at his bossiness, and wanted to show him that she could be just as stubborn as he was. Nick rose up on his knees and without warning, lifted her legs straight up in the air and gave her butt several smacks, just sharp enough to sting.

Startled, she gasped, trying to move away.

"That's for giving me orders," he said calmly. "Don't do it again." Keeping her legs in the air, he sucked the flesh behind one knee and then the other.

Sophie shivered.

Another erogenous zone.

Between her sweet sounds of pleasure, she softly cursed him. Her throaty purrs made him smile. Her curses made him chuckle. "You... piece of camel dung! Slime bag! Slime ball? Slime!" She squirmed, not liking the awkward position she was in. "You're a piece of cow toast! Cow... cake... cow...?"

"Patty," he supplied, grinning broadly, hoping she would continue to curse him in her unique way.

~ End Part Seven ~

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